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Euanthe (moon) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Euanthe (/juːˈænθiː/ ew-AN-thee; Greek: Ευάνθη), also known as Jupiter XXXIII, is a retrograde irregular satellite of Jupiter. It was discovered by a team of astronomers from the University of Hawaii led by Scott S. Sheppard in 2001, and given the temporary designation S/2001 J 7.[1][2] Euanthe is about 3 kilometres in diameter, and orbits Jupiter at an average distance of 20,465 Mm in 598.093 days, at an inclination of 143° to the ecliptic (142° to Jupiter's equator) with an eccentricity of 0.2001. It was named in August 2003 after Euanthe, who was the mother of the Graces, according to some Greek writers.[3] Euanthe belongs to the Ananke group, retrograde irregular moons that orbit Jupiter between 19.3 and 22.7 Gm, at inclinations of roughly 150°.

Robert Kieren

Robert Kieren

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